By Modern Knife Staff

John Bailey has put together some interesting material on throwing knives. He has been throwing knives of various types for 4 decades

or more. He was a close friend of the famous Harry Mc Evoy. Harry is a legend in knife throwing circles and was one of the first recognized knife masters of modern times. John is sincerely trying to pass along some of Harry's teachings in this tape and a few of his own discoveries too. Knife throwing is an art and a sport. It is interpreted by its fans in many different ways. Theories abound on every aspect of it. Fantasy and fun freely blends with deadly reality in many cases. Not so with Mr. Bailey's tape. He promises sport knife throwing and that's what you get. He has some very slick devices and drills to help hone one's skills. He demonstrates these and other aspects of knife throwing quite well. He covers safety, making targets, pre-knife throwing exercises with tennis balls, and more. Once in awhile he rambles off the subject and goes into some other aspect of knife throwing , but generally he comes through in delivering credible instruction in the ways a knife may be thrown. Bingo! I met John at the BLADE show in Atlanta. He is a sincere person that has something to offer those interested in the martial arts or sport knife throwing. This tape gets you thinking in the right manner, it motivates and inspires you to get out there and have fun. It addresses the aspect of knife throwing as being able to be a family event. Kids love to throw knives (under adult supervision and safe conditions). For beginning throwers this tape is great! It hits all the right points and does it in an entertaining manner. Perhaps the only aspect of this tape that I would modify, if it were me (and it ain't) would be it's length. It is a long tape, I would do a little more editing and cut out some of the excess footage. But, that's what that fast forward button is for, isn't it? Both John Bailey and us here at MK advise you to be careful and exercise caution at all times when throwing knives. This knife throwing video tape is available from John Bailey directly. 

You can reach John at: 

Ph. 407-902-7900

240 E. Bahama Rd., Winter Springs, Fl. 32708-3504 

Fax: 407-696-7255