(Q) Andy asks: I have been throwing for a little while now and can't seem to stay consistent. When I move back the handle slaps the target and when it sticks, it won't stick the same way twice. What am I doing wrong?

(A) Andy...I have no idea what kind of knife you have. How old you are, how far you want to throw and at what kind of target? Do you want to throw by the blade? If you are, then you might even have the wrong knife for that style. About the only way I can help you is with these throwing rules. FIRST HOLD THE LIGHT END and THROW THE HEAVY END. SECOND IF THE HANDLE IS UP (when the knife hits the target, WHETHER IT STICKS OR NOT!!) MOVE UP. (Inches NOT steps) THIRD If the Handle hits pointing DOWN. Move BACK. Again: (inches NOT steps)


(Q) ADAM asks: The knife I have sticks good at the 1/2 and full spin, but when I move back for a 1-1/2 spin I have trouble keeping the knife on the target let alone sticking it. I know I am just a beginner but shouldn't I be able to stick much farther back?

(A) Yes you can throw farther. The mistake beginners make all too often is buying to light of a knife to start with. Your first knife should weigh a minimum of 10 ounces; 12 to 14 ounce knives are even better. The light knives are the hardest to learn and you won't have much fun for a long time. Whereas with a 12 to 15 inch knife (at the right weight) will have you splitting apples at 12 feet in a week. Before you know it you will be doing it at 18 to 20 feet.


(Q) Jimmy asks... How do you hold your knife when you throw?

(A) As to the way I hold and throw knives; I threw many different knives and styles on the tape. Most of the time I like to throw by the handle. For distance, I hold low with my thumb on the side. This means, with a knife 12 to 14 inches long, the first full spin is at about 10 - 12 feet. The next full spin is at about 18 feet.


(Q) Jason asks... Have you ever tried throwing kukris?

(A) Hi Jason... Been there, done that. They throw well, but are a heavy. There are two things to remember. The handles on the most common type have a thin plate at the butt. This will take the hide off your fingers when you release as neatly as a deer skinned with a chain saw. Next never over throw (hitting with the handle up) a kukri, or at least try not to. Because of the radical drop point, the stupid thing will hit with the rotation will be transferred to energy almost equal to the throw itself. In other words, if you see it come in handle up; get ready to run. It will be come back to you. FAST


(Q) Chuck asks... My knives are 13-1/2 " and weigh about 20 oz. They are handle throwers and do not throw well by the blade, at least for me. I can however stick them at 1-1/2 turns but cannot get them to stick at the 8' distance for the 1/2 turn. I have tried different grips etc. but nothing has worked so far.

(A) Chuck Try this... Hold the knife by the blade edge out, thumb on SIDE... Choke up so your palm is over the side of the blade. The point is at the back of the palm but not against your wrist. Throw with the palm and blade side going forward. This is the KA-BAR throw or bayonet throw. The knife will turn in flight to vertical and will hit the target the same way.


(Q) Newbie asks: I am a little confused (a lot confused). I read that the one turn is executed at about 12’. Is this with a 12" or longer knife? The reason I ask is that I am now throwing an 8" knife at what I feel is one full turn and I am only 8' from my target. This is done with a handle hold. I move to 12' and get a good stick with a blade hold, which I feel is probably a 1-1/2 turn. This may sound stupid, but is a full turn considered a handle hold when the knife rotates once around and then sticks. In other words when I release: the blade is pointed at the target and makes one complete revolution and then sticks. Also I move back to approximately 15' and now hold with the handle again and get a stick. Will these distances change with knife length? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

(A) Newbie... The longer the knife, the longer the distance it will take for it to make a complete 360 degree flip. An 8" knife can easily make an extra half spin at the same distance that a 12" knife would make one complete 360 degree spin. Better yet forget about spin count entirely. Throw the knife with good form with no side arm action from any place you like. Chances are it won't stick, but hit with the handle up or down. If it slaps the target with the handle straight up, move your BACK FOOT half the length of the knife; i.e. 8" knife move the toe of your trailing (BACK FOOT) 4" forward and throw the EXACT way as the first. Or if the handle is down (6 o-clock) move the BACK FOOT back 4" and throw the EXACT same way. If the handle comes in butt first, move forward or backward one and half the length of the knife. There is a blade throw in between each handle hold throwing position marked on the ground. You should be able to stick your third knife with this method, up to about 30 or 40 feet.